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Hi everyone! I'm Astrolojohn (any pronouns), a queer Jyotishi and Hellenistic Astrologer. My western astrology is primarily rooted in ancient Hellenistic techniques under the teachings of Chris Brennan--I also draw upon some Medieval and Renaissance techniques. My Jyotish/Vedic Astrology education has been under Freedom Cole, following the lineage of Śrī Actyutānanda Dāsa. I currently reside on the land of the Narragansett, Wôpanâak, and Pokanoket peoples--right outside of Providence, Rhode Island.

Outside of astrology, my interests and passions are both playing and listening to music, foreign languages, watching trash reality TV, tattoos, and gaming. I have been playing the alto sax since I was eight years old, and since then have picked up about ten more instruments. Music has been a huge part of this lifetime for me, and now in my journey, I am able to recognize the parallels between music and astrology and see how that aided me on my path to being an astrologer.

I graduated from the University of Vermont in 2019 with a B.A. in American Sign Language and Art History. It was during my time at the university that I stumbled upon astrology. I had always resonated with my tropical Sun in Scorpio, and had lifelong interests in myth, spirituality, and space--but, it wasn't until a Tinder date that I learned about the Moon sign, the Ascendant, etc. It was then that we fell down the astrological rabbit hole, and rightfully so during my ninth house profection year, as my lord of the year conjoined my natal lord of Fortune.

I find so much depth, beauty, and precision in astrology. There is truly something new that I learn every single day. I hope in our time together, I am able to convey to you that level of beauty, depth, and precision, as well as my passion and love for the subject. Astrology is very much like a language, and one that I am fortunately able to have studied and continue to learn--let me interpret it for you <3


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